Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 (aka: a lot of pictures)

 I bet you didn't know dinosaurs and Lightening McQueen were at the birth of Jesus.

 Noah probably trusting his parents a little too much by getting into that box and letting us push him down the small hill in our yard. 

 Almond bark goodness and a Christmas movie.

 Our first Christmas morning in our home!!
 Noah loves opening presents - he helped everyone unwrap.

 A dishtowel and hockey sticks make a great batman least that is what a certain 3-year old told me.
 More presents!!

 How many adults does is take to put together a puzzle for ages 3+ (sorry ladies, I had to give you a hard time)
 A little bit of lacing with aunties.
 A little bit of wrestling with Papa
 Plugging into Dad's iTouch.
 The family (minus Rami)
 Noah and baby Jack!  (I can't wait to see him with his little brother, hopefully he will still be smiling)
Max, Noah and Gus!

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