Monday, June 14, 2010

Going Away and Packing Up

And so it began, about 4 weeks ago.  We got serious about packing out things, parties were thrown in our honor (I think Texas was happy to get rid of us), I finished up work at the school, and we said 'see you later' to friends...because we will see Texas again and again.
A going away party, and I know more pictures were taken but
obviously not with our camera. But we had a wonderful time
and it was a great break from packing.

Some people were really worried that we would forget them.....
Noah and Kenzie had lots of fun running around in the big U-Haul. 
Too bad it was taking us away from one our best friends.  We miss you neighbors!
We had to say lots of good byes to wonderful friends and family.

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Kerry said...

Looks like a sweet sendoff!