Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 Day Weekend....Lots To Do:

Well the snow that is beautifully covering most of north Texas has caused the school to close tomorrow! Yippy, a snow day in Texas! We also have Monday off due to President's Day, thank you to our founding fathers, so that leave me (us) with a four day weekend and an ever growing list of things to do in my mind:

Dishes (David is gone for a couple of days so the duty falls upon my shoulders)
Laundry (mounds of clean laundry is sitting on my closet floor)
Make cupcakes with Noah
Finish Valentine's cards with Noah
Make a pot roast
Make chicken enchilades to freeze
Plan menu for next couple of weeks
Post more pics on blog: February Love Series (follow along)
Sew an apron and/or sew a pillow cover
Clean off my desk
Pick up David from the airport
Clean bathroom(s) (if one gets done I am counting that as done) ;-)
Not on the list but have accomplished:
Made fresh bread
, yummy ~ thanks for the inspiration YDP ~
What is on your agenda for the weekend!?! Check in and keep me accountable!

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