Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Busy Time Of Year

It is so easy for me to think of all the things I 'need' to do, but if I really think about it do I REALLY need to do them right now? It is easy to see that the counter top is covered with dishes, bread wrappers, sippy cups and mail, the bathrooms need srubbed and the car needs cleaned out, but Noah is running around talking about the helicopter he just saw out the window or a puzzle he is focusing on (for more than 5 sec.) and my mind is thinking about laundary! I don't even like folding laundry, you think I would appreciative that Noah is giving me an excuse not to get that task done. There is always something I think I need to get done or if Noah would just entertain himself for 20 min. But really I am thinking about it all because when Noah is in bed for nap or for the night I want to make sure 'my time' is filled with things I would really like to do: read a book, look at the new magazine I got in the mail, catch up on HGTV or scrapbooking. We are selfish creatures, we humans. I know these thoughts are normal but before I know it my little boy is going to be big and not wanting so much of my attention or my husband and I might end up with different work schedules and not get to spend the whole weekend together as a family. I thought about this alot yesterday when Noah didn't take his nap, David and I were really short with each other and were frustrated that Noah didn't take his normal nap....then I reminded myself that I can't control it all and really Noah was in a great mood for not having a nap so I should look at the bright side and look at the extra time we get to spend with each other! This time of the year is for family and friends I need to keep my mind there and all the rest will fall into place!

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