Monday, December 8, 2008


Noah is awesome. Not even baby gates can hold him! He likes Santa, he's pretty cute in footy PJs, and he likes Spaghetti!
We have had one busy weekend, as I am sure everyones is getting this time of year. We decorated gingerbread houses, an Elder tradition that David has kept alive for us here in Texas, on Saturday with friends in Fort Worth. It was great to see everyone! As you can see we got to visit with the Santa this weekend too. Noah was a little unsure, there was a lot going on but it started to warm up a little but our little fella would not humor us with a smile. Oh well! Sunday Daivd and I got to go out with another couple we say two movies: Four Christmas' and Australia and went out for dinner. It was great to get out together we haven't done that too much. Oh yeah we also put up our Christmas tree, as yes I did put it on the balcony!! It is cute and perfect, it does not take up any 'used' space, there is no threat of Noah pulling or pushing it over and it can be seen by cars driving by (if they look up 3 stories!). Well, have a great week everyone, until next time.

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