Saturday, January 26, 2008

Noah's been smiling for a while now, but until today we've had no visual evidence. He was quite smiley this morning, so we were able to get it on camera. He's having a pretty active morning. He's making lots of baby noises and squirming around like a little worm. He seems like he really wants to roll over, but isn't quite there yet. He is moving a lot when he sleeps, though. We lay him in his crib how you would expect a baby to be laid in the crib--head pointing toward the top and feet toward the bottom. But sometimes when we go to feed him in the middle of the night he is perpendicular to how we laid him in the crib--with head and feel pointing towards both sides of the crib (and he's so long he barely fits!)


Emily said...

I cannot wait to see everyone in March. I got the week of Rebekah's Spring Break completely off. I'll be there for a whole week. An early spring with family!! Yahoo!!

Gene_Cindy said...

you light up my life
Jesus loves you and so 'do' GRANNY!!